25 thousand rupees will get gasoline absolutely free, just have to do this easy work

25 thousand rupees will get gasoline absolutely free, just have to do this easy work

You have the opportunity to fill 25 thousand rupees of petrol for free. Indian Oil Corp (IOC), the country’s leading oil company, is giving this opportunity. Actually, IOC has started a contest with ‘I Love IndianOil’ for the countrymen from January 3. By taking part in this contest, you can win Rs 25 thousand Boucher, through which will get the benefit of paying a free petrol of 25 thousand rupees on any petrol pump. Know the complete process.

IndianOil has started this contest through Twitter and Facebook and those participating in the competition must have a Twitter and Facebook account. Any participant in this contest can take part, even if he is not a company employee. Some questions will be asked in this, whose correct answers will be given. Those who give the correct answers will be included in the contest of the contest. This contest will run from January 3 to January 9.

How to answer

Answers to the right questions will be answered using #ILoveIndianOil. Lucky draw will be selected based on the answers given to the questions.

How much profit

First Prize: 5 people will be selected for the first place and all will be given a Fuel Card Bouquet of Rs 25 thousand.

Second Prize: For this place 10 people will be selected and each will be given a Bouquet of Rs. 10,000.

Third Prize: For the Third Prize, 30 people will be given a Fuel Card Bouquet of 5 thousand rupees by selecting 30 people.

Consolidation Prize: For this, 60 people will get a batch of 2000.

How will the announcement of the winner

The names of all the pins will be announced first by the IndianOil Facebook and Twitter page. To take the prize, the winners must provide their full name, address, mobile number and email information with the company. After which the voucher will be made available to them. All vouchers will be non refundable and non transferable. They can not be cached. Through these, the company can take advantage of free petrol from any petrol pump. However, some of the company has its term and condition for these, whose details can be obtained from the information given about this event on the company’s Facebook and Twitter page.


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