7th Pay Commission Latest News: Diwali bonus cleared for employees of these states

7th Pay Commission Latest News: Diwali bonus cleared for employees of these states

7th Pay Commission Latest News: With a view of the ongoing festive season, many state governments have announced Diwali bonuses for their employees. While the announcement of bonuses has been due in many cases, it has brought cheers to the people. The money in hand has given the government employees, some room for discretionary and essential spending.

Among the states, Haryana was the first to announce the bonus. The state government recently announced transfer of funds in the accounts of Group C and Group D employees in the form of advance bonus.

As per the notification issued by the Manohar Lal Khattar led Haryana government, Rs 18,000 will be transferred to the bank accounts of Group C employees while Rs 12,000 will be transferred into accounts of Group D workers.

However, this advance bonus will be given only to the regular employees of the state government, according to notification and the disbursement of advance will be carried out in the first week of November.

This announcement of the state government is likely to benefit over 2.29 lakh Group C and Group D employees. The cost to the state exchequer will be to the tune of Rs 386.40 crore. This advance will be interest-free and has to be returned in 12 easy instalments.

Madhya Pradesh

To follow this up, Madhya Pradesh government has also announced bonus, arrears for its over 4.37 lakh employees. The Shivraj Singh Chouhan government has also decided that 25 per cent amount of third installment of 7th pay commission arrear will be given to its employees. This amount will be transferred to the account of employees ahead of Diwali.

Central government

Apart from this, the Narendra Modi Government has also announced several festival benefits including the LTC (Leave Travel Concession) Voucher scheme along with bonus, gifts, and arrears for the central government employees ahead of Diwali. The Centre has decided to give Diwali bonus to more than 30 lakh non-gazetted employees.

The most recent announcement was its landmark decision related to the Child Care Leave (CCL) which is now extended to single male parent which also include unmarried single male parents. This has been done under the provision laid down in the 7th Central Pay Commission linked system.

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