After the cheap LED bulb, Modi Government will provide cheap AC, electricity bill will be too low

After the cheap LED bulb, Modi Government will provide cheap AC, electricity bill will be too low

The Modi government had made a record by giving cheap LED bulbs during its first term and now the government plans to deliver cheap air conditioners (ACs) to the common people. These ACs will be quite cheap with market value and they will also get electricity bills too low, that is, they will be energy efficient. In India, temperatures reach 50 degree Celsius in summer days. Given the speed in demand of AC, EESL, a joint venture of the Government of India, is preparing to make available 15 to 20 percent of the cheap AC common people with market value.

An EESL official told the Jee Business, “The purpose of EESL is to promote the energy efficient electrical equipment in the country. Demand for AC in the country is increasing rapidly and hence there is a demand for Energy Efficiency AC time to deal with carbon emissions challenges. There are talks with many companies for this. ” He said, “With the energy efficiency, the consumption of electricity will be reduced by these ACs and with the help of EESL channel, we will be able to make them available to the customers in a lower price.”

EESL says that carbon emissions will also increase due to the rapidly growing demand of AC in the country. According to an estimate, global warming will increase by 14-27% with AC and refrigerators. It is expected that EESL’s AC will be in the market during the next 1-2 months. EESL will get a 3 year capraional warranty with AC. All the solar powered operators will also be offered for institutional buyers. It is believed that coming in the market of these ACs will reduce the consumption of electricity by 30-35 percent.

According to EESL, India needs a highly efficient AC, in which the energy efficiency ratio is more than 3.5. At the same time, it is also necessary to be cheaper. According to EESL, “To achieve this goal we are working with the Manufacturing Company so that under the EESL Super-Efficiency Air Conditioning Program (ESEAP), we can be introduced in the AC market with very low power consumption.” It is believed that in this initiative, companies like LG, Panasonic, Blue Star and Godrej may be involved.

Source:- zeebiz


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