Amazon brings ‘voice’ to its shopping app in India

Amazon brings ‘voice’ to its shopping app in India

Alexa, Where is my order? Now customers can shop on Amazon through Alexa in India! With a new feature in the Amazon application, Indian customers can shop through voice which is powered by Alexa. The company has added a voice feature to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and ease and convenience. According to the company, the new offering is only available in the Amazon shopping application that too for Android devices. To have this option, customers are expected to update the existing version of the application and download the latest one from the Google Play Store, the company said in a statement.

Amazon believes that one of the most natural ways to engage and interact with the customers is the voice. “In a touch the only world, customers are often forced to learn interaction patterns of the apps they interact with,” the company added. But, with Alexa, it will be more natural to converse with a customer. The company further said that voice feature will also save time as well as cognitive load due to typing and correcting the spellings of written words. While it takes longer to search for the right categories and products, with the help of Alexa the process becomes more convenient. Not only searching for products but the customers can also check the status of their order and delivery with the recently added feature.

The process can be performed by using four simple commands- Search, Add to cart, Check order status and Proceed to checkout. Not only shopping but those who have access to Prime can simultaneously ask Alexa to play music.

The company said that this voice experience is primarily in English for now but Alexa understands some regional words and proper nouns in many languages. “Alexa’s vocabulary is available in the context of shopping on the Amazon app. Alexa is an AI that’s getting smarter every day. This experience will keep flowing to the Amazon app over time,” the company added.


Source:- yahoo


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