Apple rolls out important update for iPhones: 11 features you must know about

Apple rolls out important update for iPhones: 11 features you must know about

Rarely has been a ‘mid-cycle’ iOS upgrade that has been eagerly anticipated than iOS 14.5. Apple rolled out iOS 14.5 to all iPhone users last night and it brings a plethora of new features. Some of them are really important and will change the way people use iPhones. Here we list out 11 features that are now available on iPhones with iOS 14.5:

Unlocking iPhone while wearing a mask

Wearing a mask at all times is not just a necessity but critical in fighting the pandemic. iOS 14.5 brings a feature that makes unlocking iPhones while wearing a mask. However, you will need an Apple Watch as well to use this feature.
Apple doubles on privacy with App Tracking Transparency

The feature that has Facebook up in arms for a while now but Apple hasn’t relented. With App Tracking Transparency, apps will require your permission before tracking any of your data. Apple has always been serious about user privacy and data and this feature reiterates its commitment.

Battery recalibration for iPhone 11 series users

This feature will tell iPhone 11 series users understand the actual battery capacity and performance of their device. The feature will be activated as soon as iOS 14.5 is downloaded but takes a “few weeks” to assess the situation and recalibrate the battery. In some cases, if the recalibration doesn’t happen, Apple will replace the battery of that iPhone free of cost.

More than 200 new emojis are now available on iPhones

Emojis are used by almost everyone and with iOS 14.5, iPhone users will get about 217 new ones. These include new smiley faces, a new headphones icons that look like AirPods Max and many more…Read more>>



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