Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? Here are some of the benefits you can get

Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? Here are some of the benefits you can get

Amazon Prime subscription is a useful tool not just for the cinema geeks but also for avid shoppers. Most of us know Amazon Prime as a streaming app but don’t know about the benefits that we get as Prime subscribers. As a streaming platform, it competes with Netflix and offers exclusive content at a much lesser price. However, Netflix is only a streaming platform but Amazon Prime subscribers get an array of benefits including one-day delivery, discounts, and much more.


One-day delivery: At Rs 999 per year, Amazon Prime members get their products delivered faster than the non-prime members. There is also scope for prime members to get a release-date delivery. For instance, the prime members are likely to get the product delivered on the same day as the release if they have pre-ordered it.

Delivery fee: Most of the time, Prime users don’t have to pay the delivery fee even if the product costs less than Rs 500.

Lightning day sales: Amazon Prime users get access to Lighting deals that usually last for a day or so. But the Prime users get to access the deals 30 minutes before the non-subscribers. You can buy products all sorts of products at a discounted price while the deal lasts.

Discounts on flight booking: Earlier in May, Amazon partnered with Cleartrip to start domestic flight bookings on its platform in India. Users can buy flights on or the Amazon app by tapping on the flight icon. Prime members who will book their flight tickets from the platform for the first time will get a discount of up to Rs 1200. As part of the introductory offer, all customers were being offered a cashback up to Rs 1600 while the Prime subscribers can get up to Rs 2000 cashback on their flight bookings through Amazon.

Amazon Music access: Amazon Prime not only provides access to its streaming platform but also provides access to the Amazon Music library. Amazon Music offers unlimited access to over 2 million songs, you can listen to them in various devices and also download them on your phone or tablet. Amazon Music offers limited access to music while there is also an Amazon Music unlimited, wherein you can pay extra bugs and access more songs on the platform

Amazon Prime sharing: You can also create as many as six accounts on Amazon Prime for your friends and family. This means that all the profiles can be created using a single account and it will have a separate set of recommendations, viewing history and watchlists. Users can also create a separate profile for kids and adults, also prohibit adult content from coming into their kids’ account.



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