Bank mobile, online transaction tips: SBI, PNB, BoB, HDFC, ICICI, Axis, other bank customers, Never do these!

Bank mobile, online transaction tips: SBI, PNB, BoB, HDFC, ICICI, Axis, other bank customers, Never do these!

Mobile, Internet banking safety tips: Mobile and internet banking frauds are often reported in media. In fact, a report said a few days ago that the account and credit card details of thousands of customers of seven banks may be at risk. The report by IT security firm Sophos Labs said that fake apps of State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda (BoB), Yes Bank, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) and Citi Bank are available on Google Play and they have stolen data of thousands of bank customers. The fake apps lured victims to download and use them, either by masquerading as Internet apps or e-wallets. (Read More)


If you are into mobile or internet banking, you should be extra careful about your device, the kind of apps you download and your responses to anonymous messages, calls and requests. On its official website, the State Bank Of India has shared crucial tips for mobile and desktop that you should religiously follow to save yourself from frauds and protect money:

1. Never open or install any flash player application from unknown sources.

2. Avoid downloading of apps from third-party app stores or links given in SMSs or emails.

3. Verify app permission before installing any app.

4. Never grant administrative privilege to any application.

5. If any app it asking for Admin privileges, immediately uninstall/delete it.

6. Keep mobile OS updated.

7. Use mobile anti-virus software.

8. You should never respond to any popup, email, SMS or phone call, no matter how appealing or official looking, seeking your personal information such as username, password(s), mobile number, ATM card details etc. Remember, such types of communications are always sent or create by fraudsters to trick you into giving up credentials.

9. You should never use internet banking on a computer that is not free of malware (viruses, trojans). That mean, you should avoid doing online banking from public computers because they are often full of malwares.

10. Also, Never respond to messages like “You have won a lottery! Your card has been blocked! You’ve got a special bonus” Banks nerve ask customers to share their PIN/Password/MPIN/OTP. Such bogus calls or messages are usually a trap.




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