Banks holidays in April 2019: Branches will remain closed on these days

Banks holidays in April 2019: Branches will remain closed on these days

In India, due to its diversified culture and traditions, has a long list of festivals and important days that communities and individuals celebrate. This also includes birth and death anniversaries of prominent personalities, that are marked by certain sectors of the nation. The Reserve Bank of India observes certain days as public holidays and during those days, bank branches remain closed. ATM’s remain operational but chances are that if holidays fall consecutively near the weekend, filling up of cash will not be anytime sooner.

For the month of April, you should look out for these dates if you are planning to visit your bank branch for making a deposit or undertaking any transaction from the bank.

April 1: The bank branches will be closed on the account of Annual closing of accounts of commercial and co-operative banks. April 5: In Hyderabad, banks will be closed on with regard to the birth anniversary of Babu Jagjivan Ram. He was the 4th Deputy Prime Minister of India and also had a key role in the establishment of All-India Depressed Classes League, to work towards the equality for untouchables.

April 6: There will be a bank holiday as several states will observe to mark the beginning of spring/ new year on this date. The state of Maharashtra will have an off on account of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi. Meanwhile individuals in Manipur who follow the Shamanism religion will observe Sajibu Nongma Panba (Cheiraoba) on this date. The state of Tamil Nadu will have their banks closed on the account of their Tamil New Year.

April 8: The states of Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal will observe a holiday with regard to Sahul, a celebration of New Year by the local tribal.

April 13: Many regions of North India will have their bank branches closed to mark Ram Navami, to mark the birth of Lord Ram. People of the Sikkim state will observe this day as Chaite Dashain.

April 15: West Bengal bank branches will be closed on this date to mark the Bengali New Year. Simultaneously, Kerela will have banks shut down on the account of Vishu, and the state of Assam will observe Bihu, their respective New Year festivals.

April 16: Banks will be closed on the account of Bohag Bihu

April 17: For the festival of Mahavir Jayanti, a Jain festival that marks the birth of Lord Mahavir, the banks will be closed in many parts of the country.

April 19: On the account of Good Friday, a Christian holiday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus, banks will remain close.


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