Battleground Mobile India for iOS devices: Bad news for PUBG Mobile India fans – know here

Battleground Mobile India for iOS devices: Bad news for PUBG Mobile India fans – know here

It is already been two weeks since Battlegrounds Mobile India was released for Android users, however, it seems the wait for PUBG fans using iOS devices will get longer. While most users in India play Battlegrounds Mobile India on android devices, its release on iOS devices is crucial for professional Esports players due to the lag-free gaming experience it offers. However, the developer Krafton has not said anything concrete about BGMI’s release on the Apple App Store.

Aman, Aman “AMAN” Jain, a professional Indian PUBG Mobile player and a Content Creator for 8Bit Creatives also said as reported by, “Until Krafton performs a miracle, it’s still a matter of one or two months before BGMI releases on iOS. And you will find no luck in asking around for a release date as no one knows exactly when the game is coming on the Apple App Store.”

He further added, “Content creators of S8UL are buying android phones for now while I am thinking of buying a Nubia Red Magic 3 as well. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this delay but the game is not coming right now.”

Many prominent content creators contacted Krafton for a solid release date but the officials weren’t able to provide much on the iOS launch. Yesterday, on his stream, Naman Mathur aka Mortal repeated the same narrative by saying “As of now, it’s unlikely that BGMI is coming anytime soon on iOS. I had a chat with them (Krafton) and they weren’t able to provide much. Krafton said there’s still some time left before they can come up with something solid. And for those who are facing grind issues…” shared Mortal before he got interrupted.



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