Best password manager for 2020: Five password managers to keep your online accounts safe

Best password manager for 2020: Five password managers to keep your online accounts safe

Password reuse is troublesome – because of which several password leaks take place every year, even on large websites. Most of the people use extremely weak passwords and reuse them on different websites and various logins. When a passport leak happens, hackers can make use of an email address, username, and password combination that they can then try on other websites. Now if you are in the habit of using the same password for login information almost on every site, one leak can give people access to all your accounts. This sometimes also leads to your online banking system.


But then how are you supposed to use strong and unique passwords for every website that you use? Password manager. Period. Password managers can store your login information for every website you use and help you log into them automatically. They encrypt your password database with a master password – and that becomes the only password that you need to remember.

How to choose a password manager

Look for providers that support multiple platforms. Most of us use multiple devices – phone, computer, laptop, tablet, maybe – and it’s important you’re able to access your passwords on any device you use.

Another very important factor is the cost of the password manager that you are using. For just an individual or a family of say 3 or 4, there are some excellent free password manager choices. But if you are an organisation do look into a cost-effective one.

Another important factor is the app’s ability to perform a security audit on your current passwords. Family plans, two-factor authentication support, multiple vaults are some other factors to keep in mind.

Five password managers to keep your online accounts safe

A variety of password managers are available, but these five are probably your best bet if you are looking for a free version.


Bitwarden has of recently become a popular choice for people advocating the use of open-source software – which basically means it has also been audited by a third party to ensure it’s secure. It’s free with no limits, and it’s every bit as polished and user-friendly.


A little newer to the password managers market – this one has great features and slick apps for almost every platform that you can think of — Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Often hailed as the best free password manager, LastPass’s free edition, which has been a member of the LogMeIn family since 2015, offers a robust set of features and supports an unlimited number of devices per user.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password offers a full-featured free version that works on all major device categories and browsers and allows an unlimited number of saved credentials. It also supports two-factor authentication and biometric sign-in.

RoboForm Free

RoboForm will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year – this makes it one of the oldest applications in this competition. The free version supports unlimited logins and can be used for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, as well as all other major browsers.


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