Birth certificate for citizenship, single environment Act and more in PM Modi’s 60-point action plan

Birth certificate for citizenship, single environment Act and more in PM Modi’s 60-point action plan

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s review meeting with secretaries of various ministries and departments on Monday, the Centre has prepared a 60-point action plan which includes linking birth certificates to citizenship, drafting a single environment Act that subsumes all other laws in the sector, promoting a ‘family databased design’ and pushing for jobs while negotiating trade pacts, reported The Indian Express.

“There is no proof of citizenship in India. Citizenship may be linked to birth certificate through technology and mainstreamed,” according to the action plan document accessed by The Indian Express.

Senior government officials said the “actionable inputs” have been sent to all secretaries. Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba separately wrote to the secretaries on September 20 asking them to take “immediate action” on the Prime Minister’s directions and ensure their “time-bound implementation”.

The Centre’s 60-point action plan focuses on leveraging IT and technology for governance, improving business climate, and upgrading the civil services.

The action points included in the plan to attract business include doing away with certain permissions, reducing the cost of starting a business in select sectors, automatic notification of clearances, single-point access to all government services, incentives to states for timely land acquisition and forest clearances and one comprehensive Environment Management Act that subsumes various laws in the sector.

In preparing the action plan, the Prime Minister has also asked departments and ministries to borrow from successes achieved by others.

PM Modi’s meeting with secretaries of all departments and ministries comes days after Modi chaired a meeting with his council of ministers, which was termed as ‘Chintan Shivir’.

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged lives and the economy, the government has been taking various measures to revive the situation, including steps to boost economic growth.

In July, Modi effected a reshuffle of his Cabinet ahead of seven states going for polls next year. Out of them, BJP is in power in six states, including Uttar Pradesh.



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