Change date of birth in EPF account online: No relief, you can only do it this way

Change date of birth in EPF account online: No relief, you can only do it this way

Change date of birth in EPF account online: The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) has provided many facilities related to your PF account through online process, but there are still a few changes that are possible only via the offline route. For example, if you want to make a change of more than one year in your date of birth, you need to submit an offline form to get it done.


How big is the problem? The government has recently stated that over 8.38 crore EPFO accounts do not have subscribers’ date of birth, while as many as 11.07 crore account members’ father’s name were missing.

The Employees’ Provident Fund account holder, who want to make such changes, needs to visit the EPFO office to submit the requisite documents. For instance, if changes are needed to be made in your father’s name, the date when you joined the scheme or when you left it, then these cannot be done online at all.

Yes, no relief has been provided here, you must visit the Provident Fund office for getting these changes done.

If you have made these changes through online process, you will be wasting your valuable time waiting for the changes to be implemented.

Notably, members can withdraw their amount prior to their retirement in certain conditions which are: if you want to construct/buy house prior to retirement, for children’s education, for medical treatment of family members, and for marriage of family member. However, the amount has now been reduced to 75% from earlier 90%.

The family will be able to receive help of Rs 6 lakh in case of the member’s death prior to retirement.

The member is eligible for pension if he/she maintains the account for 10 years.

EPFO has over 19 crore subscriber accounts, including members who have retired and settled their claims. The contributing members of the EPFO are over five crore at present.


Source:- zeebiz


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