Don’t fall for this ‘PM Yojana’ pension message

Don’t fall for this ‘PM Yojana’ pension message

NEW DELHI: Miscreants are now trying their luck to dupe citizens by creating fake SMS around ‘PM Yojana’ pension scheme and steal their personal information. The message reads: “Congratulations, Your Pension is generated under PM Yojna fed iD: XXXXX. Confirm your details” This message is accompanied by a short URL. Clicking this URL takes you to an insurance website which asks for personal details including name, phone number, annual income, date of birth and gender.

While the website might look legit and the personal details that are asked might appear harmless note that for scammers the data collection is a step by step process which ultimately may lead to financial fraud. Readers are recommended to not click any short links that come along with such messages.

Another similar type of scam involves sending fake SMS and emails that appear like a courier delivery tracking request from companies like FedEx and others. In order to personalise the SMS or email, scammers are also addressing their victims by their real names.

For example, a fake message could read like: “Hi, Ajay, your FEDEX package with tracking code IC-2972-6791-MN89 is waiting for you to set delivery preferences .” On clicking the URL, you will be directed to a malicious website which would ask for your personal and banking details. This personal information gets stolen and attackers then try to steal money from your bank account using the details you have shared, like in any classic phishing attack.

Also note that sometimes you may even get calls from random customer care numbers claiming that you have a package waiting to be delivered at your address and this would need you to make a small tax amount for processing the delivery. While this amount is very less, the true intention is to steal your banking details.


Source:- indiatimes


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