Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Back in 2008, Google introduced a new revolutionary web browser called Chrome. Chrome’s impact as an innovation in browser technology was immediate. In 2008, Chrome offered faster website loading speed, better browser UI, and more. Even in 2021, Chrome is the leading web browser for desktop computers.

Although Google Chromes still owns the throne of best web browser for desktop, it doesn’t mean it’s the right browser for you. In 2021, you get plenty of choices regarding the web browser. From the new Microsoft Edge to Firefox Quantum, you can use web browsers to fulfill your web browsing needs.

This article will talk about the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which is way better than Google Chrome in terms of stability & performance.

How is Firefox better than Google Chrome?

As of now, Mozilla Firefox seems to be the biggest contender of Google Chrome. Things have changed considerably for Mozilla after Firefox 57, also known as Firefox Quantum. According to the few test results, the Firefox Quantum web browser ran twice as fast as the previous version of Firefox while requiring 30% less RAM than chrome.

Firefox is actually faster and leaner than Chrome, and it’s a browser that cares about your privacy. Also, it offers you a separate section to maximize your online privacy. So, if you are someone who really cares about privacy, you should start using Mozilla Firefox.

Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also boasts a wide range of extensions. Chrome has more extensions, but Firefox has several unique ones. Some of the extensions were so good that they would never want to ditch the firefox browser.

The last and essential thing is Firefox can do everything that Chrome does. From managing different user profiles to syncing content across devices, all things are possible with the Firefox browser.

Features of Firefox Web browser

If you are still not convinced enough to switch to the Firefox browser, you need to read its features. Below, we have listed some of the important features of the Firefox browser.

Just like Google Chrome, you can create a Firefox account to save your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, etc. Once saved, you can sync those content on other devices as well…Read more>>



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