Dropped your phone in water? 10 things you should never do

Dropped your phone in water? 10 things you should never do

With the onset of monsoon in the country, the risk of damaging your smartphone in rains increases significantly. Also, if you happen to accidentally drop your smartphone in water, it is best advisable to follow some dos and don’ts to recover your smartphone without damaging your smartphone further. Note that splash proof coatings doesn’t safeguard the phone from water. So, if you happen to get your phone wet either in rains or drop it in water accidentally, here are the 10 things you should never do.


Do not try to dry your wet phone by using a hot air hair dryer

Using a hot air hair dryer might cause the internal circuit to melt or malfunction under extreme heat.

Never connect your wet smartphone to wall socket to charge the battery

Never connect headphones to the 3.5mm jack and there is a risk of electrocution

Do not open the SIM card tray to take out the SIM card as this might cause water to get inside

Do not use a wet smartphone. Switch it off immediately

Do not shake the phone unnecessarily to remove water. This might cause water to further get inside the circuit

Do not attempt to disassemble the phone or take out the battery

If you visit the service centre to get the phone repaired inform the technician about possible water damage before hand. Do not lie as the technician can cause more damage unknowingly

Do not push any keys like volume or power/wake button unnecessarily to prevent more water from getting inside

Source:- gadgetsnow


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