Election Commission of India launches ‘Voter Turnout’ mobile app

Election Commission of India launches ‘Voter Turnout’ mobile app

The Election Commission of India just launched their ‘Voter Turnout’ mobile app for Android users of the Google Play Store.


Users have the option of looking up the voter turnout according to specific states or individual polling constituencies. And, the Election Commission explains, users will also be able to filter data according to gender and phases over the next few days.

The app has a neat interface and is pretty straightforward to use. Once the Voter Turnout app opens, there two buttons available to the users — one on the bottom left corner and one on the bottom right.

The bottom left widget allows the user to choose between how they’ve like to view the aggregate voter turnout out — either by state or polling constituency.

The bottom right widget gives the user the option to view the voter turnout statistics individually for states, polling constituencies and assembly constituencies.

Clicking on a particular state shows the overall estimated voter turnout for the area as well as the voter turnout at the constituencies within the state.

So now, rather than wait on media outlets to deliver the news or stalk online publications, Indian citizens can keep updated which how the polls are performing directly through the Voter Turnout app.


Source:- businessinsider


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