EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do?

EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do?

After the advent of online EPF claim settlement process, many of my blog readers complaining that EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received. In such a situation what to do? Let us discuss on this problem in detail.


How to check online EPF Claim Status?

There are three ways through which you can check online EPF Claim Status. Before you go online to track your EPF claim status, you must have below-mentioned information.

  • Your EPF account number;
  • EPF regional office of your employer;
  • Establishment or company code and extension code (if required).

Once you have this three information, then you can easily track the same online. The two ways are as below.

  1. Through EPFO Website
  2. Through UAN Website

Status may look like below (if you checked the status through UAN portal).

UAN Claim Status

Otherwise, if you checked the status through EPF member passbook status link, then it looks like below.

EPF Claim Settled

EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do?

You must aware that if you submitted the claim form online, then it usually takes around 2-15 days of time to get the money in your bank account.

However, if you have submitted the claim form offline, then it usually takes around 20-30 days of time to get your money.

Now, what are the actions you have to take to resolve the issue of EPF Claim Settled but amount not credited? Let us do one by one.

# Check the NEFT Schedule

You must aware about of NEFT transfer schedule. For a detailed schedule of NEFT, refer my earlier post “New NEFT Timings Effective from 10th July 2017“.

New NEFT Timings Effective from 10th July 2017

NEFT payment will not work during bank holidays. Hence, you have to wait for the next immediate working day to know about the credit of the money.

If you still unable to get the money in your bank account, then follow the below options.

# Check the Bank Details updated with UAN

Cross check your bank details which are updated with UAN number. For this, you have to visit the UAN member portal. Then on Manage->KYC  to see your details. 

If you found anything wrong there, then EPFO will receive back such failed amount within 4-5 days. However, it is your duty to immediately update the bank records.

To update or correct your bank details, submit the reauthorization letter to the Regional EPFO office offline with correct bank details and cancelled cheque leaf. After submitting EPF re-authorization letter, it takes around 10-15 days to credit your EPF amount to the correct bank account.

Download EPF Reauthorization Form

Do remember that your employer attestation or Bank Manager’s attestation is also required. Once your bank details are corrected, then reapply for the withdrawal and let EPFO process it.

# Complain with EPFO Grievance Cell Online

If you still unable get your money, then the next step is to complain with EPFO Grievance Cell Online. I have already written a post on this (Please refer “EPF Grievance Cell -Lodge EPF related complaints online“).

You can use online grievance if you have UAN number. On this platform, you can lodge the complaint and also track the status of the complaint. Timeline for resolution of grievance raised is 30 days.

# Use EPFO Social Media

Using EPFO Social Media accounts you can be in touch with EPFO. Better you first raise a complaint with EPFO Grievance Cell Online and then use the social media platform if the issue is not resolved. Social media accounts of EPFO are as below.

  • twitter.com/socialepfo
  • facebook.com/socialepfo

# Visit the regional EPFO Office

If the above mentioned all options are not working, then try to visit the concerned regional EPFO personally to know the delay or reason for your problem.

You can find the concerned regional EPFO by visiting the EPFO portal and then selecting the option Our Services->Employers->Establishment Search.



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