Error in your Voter-ID card? Here’s how to rectify it

Error in your Voter-ID card? Here’s how to rectify it

With the 2019 Lok Sabha elections just two months away, it’s time to gear up.


All eligible voters must possess a valid Voter ID card in order to cast their vote.

However, holding an erroneous Voter ID might be problematic.

So, in case there’s an error in your Voter ID card, here’s how you can get it rectified.

Why update Voter ID card?

Voter ID card is an essential document for participating in the election process. It also serves as an important proof of identity. Thus, any errors made during application procedure must be rectified as soon as possible. Women changing name after marriage must apply for name-change in their Voter ID card.

How to apply for change in Voter ID online

First off, log on to the official website of National Voters’ Services Portal.

On the homepage, click on ‘Form 8’ link, ie. for ‘Correction of entries in electoral roll.’

On the corresponding page, select language, enter basic personal and constituency-concerned information.

Tick the options, such as name, age, address etc., that need correction.

In the following section, enter the updated details for the concerned section(s).

Final steps

Finally, upload the relevant document proofs, in support of your correction request.

Fill out the declaration, and the system-generated Captcha code, and click on ‘Submit’ button.

An E-mail, containing the details of your application request will be sent to you.

You can use these details to track your Voter ID application status.


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