Five easy tips to help secure your Wi-Fi network

Five easy tips to help secure your Wi-Fi network

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to work from home, and increased reliability on home networks. Given that more people are working from home, keeping this WiFi network secure is now of paramount importance. Cyber-security firm Sophos has listed out five tips you can keep in mind to keep your home WiFi secure. Here’s a look.

Regular updates

According to Sophos, this is one aspect of network security at home you cannot ignore, but we tend to forget about this. Just like your phone needs a software or security update, your WiFi needs a security patch as well. The firm says that users should check the last time their updated the firmware of the router.

Further, users should enable auto-updates on the device, if that is an option. Sophos says if you are not able to update the device, it is better to replace it with a better and latest one.

Encryption settings

The security firm says that one must use WPA2-PSK encryption. To simplify, Wi-Fi Protected Access is short for WPA2 and Pre-Shared Key is short for PSK. It prevents someone from accessing your wireless data when it is transmitted between the router and the devices connected to it. If you have been using the WPA2 or WEP encryption system, it is high time that you upgrade.

Strong password

You need to put a lot of thought into setting a password of your Wi-Fi network instead of just picking your birth date or your phone number to remember it easily. Simply, pick a combination letter that is hard for anyone to guess, says the cyber-security firm.

Kick out outsiders

If you have been experiencing a slump in the speed of your Wi-Fi network or the consumption has been higher than expected, it will be a good idea to check whether someone else is logged into your network or not. The majority of routers provide the option for users to access their management pages online. If you see any unknown devices on the network, disconnect them followed by setting a new password.

Become a smart user

With many things turning smart with the advancement of technology, the user needs to get smart too. Turn off smart devices when not in use, configure them properly, update them regularly, change the settings if need be and keep a check on what you share. Also, you can keep them connected on a ‘Guest’ network as well.



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