Good News for Pensioners! Govt brings this important change in Life Certificate rule

Good News for Pensioners! Govt brings this important change in Life Certificate rule

If you are a pensioner, then here’s good news for you. The government has decided that senior pensioners who are above the age of 80 years will be allowed to submit their Life Certificate (LC) from October 1 every year instead of November, and its validity will remain till November 30 of the subsequent year. Presently, life certificate for pensioners, which is provided to the pension disbursal agency as a piece of evidence that the pensioner is alive, is required to be submitted in the month of November. The government realised that senior pensioners were facing difficulties in standing in a queue to submit their LC and because of the limited time period, they have now been allowed to make early submission of the life certificate form. For pensioners below the age of 80, the LC can be submitted in November only.

In addition to submitting the physical copy of life certificate pension form, one may opt for ‘Jeevan Pramaan’ an Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate for pensioners. For Jeevan Pramaan (DLC) the pensioner is not required to present oneself personally before the Pension Disbursing Officer. DLC does not have to be submitted physically to the Pension Disbursing Agency ( Bank or Post Office etc ) as it is available to them digitally and is automatically processed by the Pension Disbursing Agency. Also, each DLC has a unique id called the Jeevan Pramaan Id.

Pensioners desirous of using the Jeevan Pramaan facility and who have not yet seeded their Aadhaar number in their pension accounts are requested to approach their pension disbursing branch with original PPO, Aadhaar card and bank passbook along with photocopies of these documents. Jeevan Pramaan centres can be of help in completing this task.

After successful submission of digital life certificate, the pensioner will get a sms on one’s mobile giving the transaction id. The pensioner will be able to download computer generated life certificate using this transaction id for their records.

At times, pensioners may face problems in submission of Digital Life Certificate due to non-acceptance of their biometrics (finger-prints) by the system. All Pension Disbursing Banks have been asked by the government that where the fingerprints of a pensioner are not accepted by the system, the alternate mechanism of biometric, i.e.Iris scanning, may be used in such cases. In case, however, it is not possible to have Digital Life Certificate either through fingerprints or through Iris scanning, the physical life certificate submitted by the pensioner may be accepted to avoid any harassment to the pensioner. The government has made it clear that in no case a pensioner should be returned without accepting his life certificate on account of non-acceptance of his biometric by the system.


Source:- financialexpress


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