Google answers 7 most-asked questions about users’ data on Gmail, Google Photos and other services

Google answers 7 most-asked questions about users’ data on Gmail, Google Photos and other services

When it comes to user data and privacy, Apple has always been a key player. The company calls privacy a fundamental right of users. In the past few years, Google too seems to be changing tack. The company, which has been often accused of tracking users, has loosened control over users data giving them more transparency over how it uses their information and more. Taking another step in the same direction, the company in a blog post answered what it says are the “top questions you ask Google about privacy across our products.” The blog aims to answer some of the most important questions users may have about their data on Google services and products they use like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive and more. Here’s all it say.

1.Does Google use your personal information like health, race, religion or sexual orientation, to show specific ads?

No. The company claims that it never uses sensitive information or content of your emails or documents to show ads.

2.Does your Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos data play any role in personalised ads?

Google says that products like Gmail, Drive and Photos are designed to store users’ personal content, and this content is never used to show ads.

3.Can you control what ads to see on Google?

Yes, Google has a way of giving you more control over the kind of ads that are shown to you through its Ads setting page. Additionally, it also allows you to disable the ad personalisation completely.

4.Is there a way to find out what Google knows about me?

Yes. Different Google services collect different data and Google says that all the information that it stores can be accessed through Google Dashboard.

5.Is Google Assistant always listening?

No. According to the company, Google Assistant — its virtual assistant — remains in a standby mode until it is activated. Therefore, if no activity is detected, then those audio snippets are said to not be sent or saved to Google.

6.Can you delete activity from Google Assistant?

Yes. Users can say “Hey Google, delete this week’s activity”, or “Hey Google, delete my last conversation”, and Google Assistant will delete the Assistant activity.

7.How do you see specific ads on Google?

Google says that the ads that you see are based on a number of things, such as your previous searches, the sites you visit, ads clicked, and more.



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