Google Pay can now assist you find entry level jobs; here’s how you can apply

Google Pay can now assist you find entry level jobs; here’s how you can apply

Tech giant Google on Wednesday during its the fifth edition of its annual Google for India event announced a Jobs Spot feature on Google Pay. The announcement about the launch of the new feature was done in collaboration with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). With the help of this feature job seekers will be able to connect with employers for entry-level jobs roles in the fast-growing sectors like on-demand businesses, retail and hospitality. The Jobs Spot feature has a free CV builder and a curated “Learn feed” highlighting professional development videos, courses/assessments, and articles in order to help candidates.

This feature is available within Google Pay. This platform focuses on entry-level jobs that are often filled via offline channels and backroom hiring centers and do not easily discoverable online. It uses a machine learning-based matching algorithm that is based on factors such as skill sets, experience, compensation, location, and availability.

Google has collaborated with NSDC in order to offer Skill India students and graduates seamless way to get started with their search on Jobs. in addition to this, Skill India graduates who sign on to the app will have their offline certificate automatically appear in their Jobs profile as a digital badge, which improves the process of matching them with relevant jobs.

The Jobs Spot feature is currently available in Delhi NRC and it will be available nationwide to all Google Pay users in the next few weeks.

Here are few things that job seekers can do with the help of this feature –

1. Build a professional profile in minutes

You can provide all your basic information, goals, and interests, and build your professional profile for free. You will always be in control of who sees this information. You can even download a copy of your profile or share it with employers.

2. Get personalised job recommendations

The Jobs Spot uses machine learning to recommend the entry-level roles that match a job seeker’s interests, skills and location preferences.

3. Learn new skills

The Jobs Spot helps with interview preparations and new skills learning by suggesting relevant digital training content.

4. Apply for job seamlessly

When job applicants see a job that they like, they can apply directly from the Jobs Spot with just a few taps. They can even confirm interviews with your potential employer, all in one place.

5. Scan the Spot Code to get started

All one needs is the GPay app; no need to download anything else. The Jobs Spot can help people find jobs and build careers. Scan the code to get started!


Source:- yahoo


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