Google Photos alert! The sharing platform is removing this key feature next month

Google Photos alert! The sharing platform is removing this key feature next month

Google will discontinue one of the most defining features of its photo sharing platform from next month. Photos will no longer automatically sync between Google Photos and Google Drive, the Menlo Park-based firm said in a blog post. The decision, the company says, was taken following feedback that syncing between these services created confusion.


What has changed for Google Drive and Google Photos?

Beginning next month, items from Google Drive will not be automatically available in Google Photos. Likewise, new photos and videos users may add in Google Photos will not make their way into the photos folder in Drive. Photos and videos deleted by users in Drive will not be automatically removed from Google Photos and vice versa. The move can be seen as an attempt to prevent accidental deletion of items across Google products.

New feature in Google Photos – Upload from Drive

The change will give users more control while copying items from Drive into Photos. This will be facilitated by a new feature in Photos — Upload from Drive. This will let users select items from Drive and import into Google Photos.

As soon as the photos or videos are copied, there will be no link between the two products and hence media copied in original quality will be counted against the user’s storage quota in both Photos and Drive.

Here’s what will not change

While the old feature of automatically syncing will be removed and a new feature will be added in its place, users will still be able to use backup and sync to upload in high quality or original quality to both the services. Items uploaded using backup and sync in original quality to both services will be counted only once against the storage quota.

The photos and videos uploaded before July will stay in both Drive and Photos. If the user has a Google Photos folder in Drive, it will remain as it is, but will no longer be updated automatically from next month, the Google blog post says.


Source:- financialexpress


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