Google rolls out new password autofill feature on Android

Google rolls out new password autofill feature on Android

Internet search giant Google has rolled out a new feature for Android smartphone users that will autofill their passwords for them.

The feature has been added as a server-side update to Google Play Services, according to a report by Android Police. Users can enable it by heading to Settings > Google > Autofill > Autofill with Google > Autofill Security > Credentials.

After this is turned on, whenever Android users use any Android app that requires them to login with a password or enter other information, including addresses, that may be saved to your Google account they can simply add init by providing a biometric authentication.

Just last month, Google also announced that it is going to roll out a similar feature on its Google Chrome browser, which will allow users to retrieve seed credit numbers by biometric authentication, such as fingerprint.

This basically means that when Android users make an online payment on their Google Chrome app, they will be able to confirm their credit card details using biometric authentication. In a blog post announcing this feature, the company said that it will be completely optional as users will get a choice to turn it on or off at any time in their Chrome settings. Biometric authentication will work post the first transaction with a credit/debit card, when they will have to manually enter CVV number.

Explaining how this new feature is meant to be more secure Google said, “Chrome uses the W3C standard WebAuthn to securely enroll you for biometric authentication. Biometric information never leaves your device.”




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