Google wants your help to protect you from dangerous website

Google wants your help to protect you from dangerous website

In a bid to provide a safe internet browsing experience, internet search giant Google has launched an extension for its web browser — Google Chrome — called Suspicious Site Reporter. As the name suggests, the extension can be used to report suspicious websites while using the internet. It is part of Google’s Safe Browsing program that was launched in 2007.

You can download this Chrome extension from Chrome web. Once downloaded, the extension will appear on your Chrome window next to your other extensions in a shape of flag. If, while browsing, you feel that the website looks shady, you can click on it and it will show what it has detected looks suspicious about that website and will give you an option to send the report to Google about it. By default, the report will include the URL of the website and its IP address, but will give you the option if or not you want to send a screenshot of the website, its DOM Content (which includes all content of the site) and Referrer Chain (which is URLs that led to this site).

Weighing 923KB in size, the extension seems to already come with a bug where you may spot “1” badge on an orange flag showing there is one issue that website but when you click on it, it says “Nothing detected.”

Earlier this month, Google released Chrome 75 (75.0.3770.67) for Android. This version updates existing features and brings performance improvements, and stability to the browser. It is available on Google Play Store for download.

With the new update, Google has also introduced a new Reader Mode to the Chrome browser. Incidentally the feature is hidden and not active by default. Besides, the Google Chrome version 75 fixes the security bug called the ‘evil cursor’ bug. The bug has been reportedly misused by technology scam sites in 2018.


Source:- gadgetsnow


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