Government is giving opportunity to open petrol pump, without money and land can apply

Government is giving opportunity to open petrol pump, without money and land can apply

You should find a business opportunity in the ups and downs of petrol and diesel prices. This is the right time when you can start your petrol pump. In fact, the government is giving an opportunity to open petrol pumps. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the largest oil company in the holding company, is going to distribute dealerships of petrol pump across the country. The process for applying for this has begun. The company will open 27,000 new retail outlets across the country. In this case, you have the opportunity to start your business by joining with the government company.


Read the terms and conditions carefully. The
gasoline business of the petrol pump is a big profit. However, the process of starting it seems as complicated. But, starting a business with the largest oil company, you can also become the owner of a petrol pump. You will have to apply online to take the dealership of IOC. The company has  created the website for  this. All the terms and conditions related to taking dealership are given on this website.

Easy To apply
dealerships, the company has laid out some rules and conditions to take the dealership. However, the terms and conditions have been quite prominently this time. This has made the process of dealership easy enough. Even if you do not have money, you can apply for it. The same can not be applied even if there is no land. However, after getting the dealership you will need to show to the land company. At the same time, you will not need to provide your fund details or proof while applying.

What is the need for the application?
> It is necessary to be an Indian citizen to become a petrol pump owner.
> You must be between 21 and 60 years of age.
> Education should be completed at least till 10th.
> You have to submit your documents after selection.
> The applicant’s account does not have to be Rs. 25 lakhs.
> Can not apply for dealership even if the land is not there.

Where will the petrol pump
Indian Oil Corporation open most petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh? Recently, the company had applied for 55,649 retail outlets in all the states together. Now IOC is giving 27,000 petrol pump dealerships. Besides, Hindustan Petroleum is offering 12,865 dealerships and Bharat Petroleum 15,802 dealerships.

After selection, 

The company will look at your location. Then you will call for the contract. There is an interview with the other company on selection in the first round. Only after this, there is a license to open the petrol pump.


Source:- zeebiz


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