Here’s how you can win up to Rs 3,300 using this Google app

Here’s how you can win up to Rs 3,300 using this Google app

NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has introduced the all new Tez Shots mini game inside its payments app Google Pay in India. The company took to Twitter to announce the same. Google India tweeted, “The pitch is calling and you must go. Play #TezShots on the Google Pay app on your Android phone and score runs to win scratch cards. Expert Tip: Flex your fingers to give your best shot.”

The game will enable the users to score runs and win scratch cards worth Rs 3,300. Users can score as many runs as they want and play as many times they want to unlock the scratch card.

The players just have to hit the ball that comes and then score runs. The game also shows the best score, all India ranking and the total score.

Here’s how to get a scratch card

– Users have to score by playing the game. The total score is the sum of all the runs scored in the games that they have played.

– Whenever a player reaches a total score is indicated in the ‘milestone’ (Rs. 50 for 100 runs, Rs. 100 for 500 runs, Rs 150 for 1000 runs, Rs 1000 for 2000 runs and Rs 2000 for 3000 runs) and then they will earn a scratch card.

– In order to unlock the scratch card and earn reward users have to successfully complete the qualifying transaction assigned to the locked scratch card during the offer period. The offer period lasts till July 31, 2019.

The game is only available for Google Pay users on Android.

Recently, it was reported that Google Pay has taken top position on the UPI platforms in terms of value of transactions by a margin of around 25%. Google Pay clocked payments worth Rs 43,000-Rs 45,000 crore in March, ending the financial year on a high, according to two industry executives tracking the space. Both PhonePe and Paytm are said to have done transactions worth Rs 31,000-32,000 crore each, with PhonePe being marginally ahead of Paytm.


Source:- gadgetsnow


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