Here’s why Apple does not want to give you an Android phone charger.

Here’s why Apple does not want to give you an Android phone charger.

NEW DELHI: Apple seems in no mood to give up Lightning port and adopt standard charger (in other words same charger as supported by most Android phones). Responding to European Union’s proposal to make all companies offer provide same chargers for all mobile phones, Apple said that making all companies use the same type of connector “stifles innovation rather than encouraging it….”


“We hope the (European) Commission will continue to seek a solution that does not restrict the industry’s ability to innovate,” the company said in a statement.

The Cupertion giant’s statement comes after members od European Parliament (MEPs) recently said that they want the company to introduce common charger as this would help “reduce electronic waste and make consumers’ life easier.”

The proposed draft law more aim to reduce electronic waste, which is estimated to amount to 51,000 tonnes per year in old chargers. The MEPs said that attempts to make companies use the same charger voluntarily have failed. The European Commission has been pushing for a common charger for over a decade. European Commision, which acts as the executive for the EU, may come with new regulation to ensure companies are forced to support same chargers.

Apple manitains that the proposal is “bad for the environment and unnecessarily disruptive for customers”. “We want to ensure that any new legislation will not result in the shipment of any unnecessary cables or external adapters with every device, or render obsolete the devices and accessories used by many millions of Europeans and hundreds of millions of Apple customers worldwide,” Apple added.

Almost all new Android phones come with USB-C port, while the older ones use micro-USB. This means Android users can use any standard USB type C or micro-USB charger to charge their devices.

However, Apple iPhones do not work with Android phone chargers or rather USB type C or micro-USB. iPhones come with proprietary port that is not available for use on phones made by other manufacturers. This means that iPhones users cannot charge their phones with other company’s chargers.

Apple introduced Lightning port in 2012.

Source:- gadgetsnow


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