Hidden Charges that the banks charge you, you probably not know

Hidden Charges that the banks charge you, you probably not know

Banks charge customers for their every service. The bank deducts the charge from your account for keeping the minimum balance in the savings account and closing the bank account. Of course these things happen in the bank’s terms and conditions, but these accounts are not usually given to customers when the account is opened. We are telling you about some of the same Charges, which the banks charge you, but do not usually give their information to the customers.


Charging of account closure Charges

If you have opened several bank accounts and want to close some accounts now, keep in mind that money is also spent in it. If you have not even opened the account for six months, most banks charge a charge of 50 to 200 rupees for the closure of it. If your account has not received any kind of transaction from the last six months, then you may also have to pay a penalty for this. There are different rules for government and private banks.

Charging on the branch 12 times

If you believe that instead of using electronic transactions and ATMs, going to the bank is easy to make transactions and no charge is charged from you, then this is your misconception. If you have done transactions more than 12 times from your branch during one quarter, then the amount is deducted from your account at the rate of 50 rupees per transaction. Most of these charges are levied by private banks. Even if you call it arbitrarily banks, but the bank has its own logic to charge this charge.

It also seems like going to another branch, if you do transactionsby going to another branch other than the branch inwhich your account is in, then it will also have to pay for it. Private banks do not charge for such transactions for the first time, but after that every transaction is charged for every rupee five rupees.

Cash withdrawal for the second time in a month, for the second time cash withdrawal will be charged to the consumer for a second time in a month from the non-base branch. Each of its banks has separate charges. However, private banks charge up to Rs 150 for this.

For the second time in a month, cash deposit is also done on the charge non-bank branch for a second time in a month, even after depositing a cash deposit, the bank charges fees from your pocket. For this, different banks have also fixed different fees. ICICI Bank charges up to Rs 150 for this.

Monthly statement charge

There is also a bank statement in the list ofchargingyour pocket. If you want to send your home bank statement every month, then it will also have to charge the bank for this. Every bank decides its price accordingly. In most banks this price is up to Rs 200. However, there is no charge for sending a statement from the email. According to the Reserve Bank directive, banks have to send a statement to the customers every 3 months for which the bank can not charge any fees.

It also seems to know the status of the check money

If you want to know the status of your check, many private banks charge your own pocket for this also. The bank charges up to Rs 25 for this service. Generally, this fee is not paid if you know the status of running check but if you know the status of an old check then you have to pay this fee.

Address Confirmation also feels that unlike the Charging Government Banks, Private Bank charges a fee of Rs 50 to 200 for any document – balance certificate, interest certificate, address confirmation, attested signature, attested photo etc. Banks also have this argument. According to the bank, the charges on these charges are correct. If you go to the attorney to take these same certificates, they also charge its fees.

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