How to check the radiation level of your smartphone

How to check the radiation level of your smartphone

Most people while buying a new smartphone go by the specifications or the price of the smartphone. But there are a few other things that one should consider before buying a new smartphone such as after-sales service, resale value or the radiation level. Having said that, the radiation level is the least known fact or piece of information people want to know before making the purchase. Radiation or SAR value of a phone is basically a radio frequency transmitting device that releases some level of radiation that has an adverse effect on health over time.


So, those who want to know the radiation level of their smartphone here’s how to do it.

First things first:

Some smartphone brands mention the SAR rating in the user manual that comes with the box of the smartphone. However, some smartphone makers simply write down the value in the specification section on their website. However, there is a simple workaround that allows users to

check the SAR value right inside their phones.

Steps to follow to check the SAR Value

1. Unlock your smartphone and open the ‘Dialer’
2. Now, type the code ‘*#07#
3. The smartphone will now automatically show the SAR rating of the smartphone

User can also check several other things such as IMEI number, etc using this method and by dialling another code from the dialer.

Steps to check the IMEI number

1. Go to the dialer app of your smartphone
2. Type ‘*#06# on the dialer
3. Once done, the smartphone will automatically display the IMEI number of the smartphone.


Source:- gadgetsnow


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