How to check whether your password has been hacked using this Google tool

How to check whether your password has been hacked using this Google tool

In the past couple of months,there have been many cases of password breaches or database of passwords and usernames leaked online due to some security flaw in the system. Hence it becomes essential for the users to change them. But there is a fair amount of chance that your account details might not have leaked or breached. So, how to check, whether your account has been compromised or not. Thankfully, some services allow users to check their password sanity. Recently, Google has also announced a new tool called Password Checkup as a Google Chrome extension that can let the user know whether their password has been hacked or not.



– Latest version of Google Chrome browser

– Working internet connectivity

How to download Google Password Checkup

1. Open Google Chrome on your PC or Mac
2. Now, open Google Chrome store and search for the Password Checkup
3. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install it

How Password Checkup tool works

The Password Checkup tool automatically monitors the passwords of your account anytime users login into their account or service. Once the extension detects any security flaw or if it detects that the password has been leaked, it prompts a red warning box popup asking the user to change the password for the respective account. In case, you forgot to pay attention to the popup, the Password Checkup icon remains ‘Red’ instead of ‘Green’.

How to change the password using Password Checkup tool

As we all know how to change a password of any particular account or service. But the Password Checkup tool popup also has a ‘Learn more’ button that redirects the user directly to the support page of the particular web page making it easier for users to change their passwords.


Source:- gadgetsnow


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