How To File An Online Claim For Provident Fund Withdrawal

How To File An Online Claim For Provident Fund Withdrawal

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization or EPFO, the nodal agency that monitors Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) contributions, allows the subscriber – or employees of an organisation of 20 or more individuals – to make a partial withdrawal or “advance” from a PF corpus under certain conditions, according to its website –


The subscribers can put a claim for ‘advance’ withdrawal via EPFO’s unified portal- The claim is then forwarded to the employer for approval. Once approved, the amount is credited to the subscriber’s account within 10 days.

  1. Partial withdrawal from EPF accounts is allowed for purchase/construction of house, repayment of loan, non-receipt of wage for two months, marriage of self/daughter/son/brother, for medical treatment of family members etc, according to EPFO.
  2. To apply for an EPF withdrawal online, the subscriber must have an active Universal Account Number or UAN. The UAN is an identification number mentioned in the monthly salary slip of an employee.
  3. The UAN should be KYC (Know Your Customer)-verified by furnishing information such as Aadhaar, Permanent Account Number (PAN) and bank details, according to the EPFO website.
  4. The mobile number used for activating the UAN number should also be in working condition.
  5. In order to put the EPF withdrawal claim, the subscriber is required to log on to the EPFO’s unified portal using UAN and password.
  6. The user is then required to select ‘Claim’ under the ‘Online Services’ section.
  7. In the claim form, the subscriber must enter the last four digits of the bank account, and click on ‘Proceed For Online Claim’.
  8. In the new tab, the subscriber is required to fill the EPF claim details such as the address, the purpose and the amount of advance. A scanned copy of the cheque or passbook also needs to be uploaded.
  9. After the user submits these details, an OTP or One-Time Password is sent to the mobile number registered with the Aadhaar card of the individual.
  10. Once the claim is submitted, it is forwarded to the employer for approval, according to the EPFO website. The subscriber can check the ‘claim status’ by selecting the option under ‘online service’.


Source:- ndtv


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