How to make your online financial transactions safer

How to make your online financial transactions safer

People are increasingly doing their financial transactions online due to lack of time to visit a bank and due to the convenience of making payments from the comfort of home. The surge of e-commerce by making available almost all the products online at a discounted price also entices people in making online financial transactions.


However, the convenience of online transactions also makes financial frauds convenient for the hackers. To make your online financial transactions safer by keeping the illicit persons at bay, you should take some precautions as given below.

Use Incognito Window: While dealing with sensitive information, always open an incognito window, which is also called ‘New Private Window’, to get unadulterated results. Because, when you enter details in normal window for searches like flight bookings or online purchases, the details get captured by the search engine and the results you see are manipulated.

Ensure that the site is secure: While opening a site especially for financial transactions, ensure that the URL always begins with ‘https://’, which is more secure than an ‘https://’ URL. All the communication through ‘https://’ connections are get encrypted and are thus secure, which, the letter ‘s’ at the end of ‘http’ represents.

Memorise your passwords: Don’t opt for the option of saving passwords, especially while conducting financial transactions on a public computer, because it gives hackers easy access to your sensitive information putting your financial security at immense risk.

Avoid downloading: It’s very dangerous to download unknown files and attachments from unknown sources especially while conducting financial transactions online, because hackers usually spam users with attractive download links. Be cautious before downloading suspicious looking documents even if you get it through known sources, which may also get hacked.

Don’t forget to log out: Once the transactions are over, always remember to log out first before you close the tabs. Because, closing tabs without logging out of your emails or bank sites would make available your sensitive information to anyone an would be like sending invitations to the hackers to wipe out your money.


Source:- financialexpress


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