How to restore a disabled iPhone or iPad

How to restore a disabled iPhone or iPad

Ever came across a situation where you forgot your iPhone/iPad password or exhausted the limit of entering the wrong password and now the phone stands disabled? Well, its no surprise and can happen to anybody. Apple has a very reliable ecosystem and a very strong security system for its consumers to rely on.


This also helps keep personal data of the users confidential and allows a stranger to not barge into your phone and be able to hack it. Apple claims too that it too cannot nudge into your privacy. Interesting right? But what if you have locked yourself out. It’s not impossible and to get out of that situation and make your phone work perfectly just like before, make use of the following steps.

1 Section This is how you can reset your iPhone

STEP 1 Connect your iPhone with your iMac/Macbook or your Windows PC with itunes downloaded.

STEP 2 Now press and hold the ‘home button’ and the ‘lock’ button together, this will allow the iPhone/iPad to get into its recovery mode.

STEP 3 Keep holding it until the phone reboots and an iTunes icon pops up on the screen of your iPhone/iPad.

STEP 4 Check if the firmware needs to be updated. Do that in case if it is not.

STEP 5 Open your iTunes app, your iPhone will pop up and you should find a reset option on your screen.

STEP 6 Once the process is complete, go back to the setup screen, set up your phone and voila!

2 Section This is how you can restore your phone

STEP 1 Once your phone has been restored, disconnect and connect your phone to the PC.

STEP 2 Again iTunes will pop up along with details about your phone.

STEP 3 There would be two option – Set up as new iPhone or Restore your backup. Tap restore backup.

STEP 4 The backup process will start and it will take a few minutes.

STEP 5 Once it is done, you will be able to find all your previous data on your iPhone and use it just like before.


Source:- timesnownews


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