How to transfer your EPF account online

How to transfer your EPF account online

Transferring your Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account from your previous employer to your present employer can be done online as well as offline. The Member e-SEWA portal allows EPF account holders to transfer their money from one PF account to another online.

Here is how to transfer your EPF account online.

  • Prerequisites to transfer EPF account

Saraswathi Kasturirangan, Partner, Deloitte India explains that there are certain pre-requisites that must be satisfied by an individual before starting the process of transferring his/her EPF account online. These are as follows:

  • EPF account holders must ensure that their UAN (Universal Account Number) is activated on the Member e-SEWA portal. Click here to know how to activate the UAN on the Member e-SEWA portal.
  • Individual must ensure that their personal information such as name, contact details, marital status and so on is correctly reflected on the Member e-SEWA portal after login.
  • Individual should also ensure that bank account number, IFSC and Aadhaar details are correct on the Member e-SEWA portal. Further, ensure that the bank account details and Aadhaar are digitally approved by the employer and UIDAI. Such details can be checked in the ‘KYC’ option under the ‘Manage’ tab after logging in to your account. ‘Digitally approved’ means that your details must be digitally verified by the UIDAI and your employer. Bank account details have to be digitally approved by the employer and Aadhaar once seeded, will be verified by UIDAI.
  • At the time of online submission of transfer form, an OTP via SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number. Therefore, ensure that the same is active.
  • While submitting the transfer form online, member will be required to choose whether attestation of such form will be made by the present or previous employer. Employee should make a selection considering that employer will be required to attest such form using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of authorised signatory which has to be registered on the portal. Therefore, it is a pre-requisite that at least one of the employer’s – previous or present – DSC is registered on the portal

How to transfer your EPF account online

Follow the step by step process mentioned below to transfer your EPF account.

Step 1: Visit www.

Step 2: Under the ‘Online Services’ tab, click on ‘One member – One EPF account (Transfer Request)’.

Step 3: A new webpage will appear on your screen. The webpage will show the details of your personal information and your present EPF account into which you want to transfer money. You will be required to enter current PF account number which is available on your salary slip or on your EPF statement from your present employer.

Step 4: Select whether your present or previous employer will attest your online transfer form. You should check with your current employer’s HR department if you can choose your present employer for attestation of transfer form.

Step 5: Enter the EPF account number (Member ID) in case your UAN registered with your present and previous employer is the same. On the other hand, if your EPF account with your previous employer is linked to different a UAN then enter this number, i.e., what is recorded with your previous employer.

Step 6: Click on ‘Get Details’. The details of your EPF account/s will be shown on your computer screen.

Step 7: Select the EPF account/s from where the money has to be transferred to the present EPF account.

Step 8: Click on ‘Get OTP’. Enter the OTP details and click on Submit.

Once the form has been submitted successfully, your tracking ID will be shown on your screen. A form will be generated in PDF format. One can download this form for record purposes. Ms. Kasturirangan adds, “Certain regional EPFO offices may insist on manual submitting of the duly signed Form 13 -Transfer Claim Form along with signed copy of form submitted online, i.e., the PDF File for processing the transfer request. You should check with your employer whether you are required to submit such manual forms.”

How to track the status of online transfer of EPF account

The Member e-SEWA portal allows the EPF account holder to track the status of the transfer request submitted. EPFO members can track the status using the option ‘Track Claim Status’ under the ‘Online Services’ Tab.

Ms. Kasturirangan adds, “Once the employer approves your transfer request, status of the form will be – “Accepted by the employer”. Remember, it generally takes two-three months for processing of EPF transfer request after submission of the same.”


Source:- indiatimes


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