How to update your child’s PAN card after 18 years, know its process

How to update your child’s PAN card after 18 years, know its process

New Delhi, Business Desk. Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. PAN card is one of the most important documents for a citizen of India. It is also used as a proof of identity in addition to payment of tax. Students can apply for PAN card after the age of 18 years. In cases of minor (under 18), parents can apply for PAN card on their behalf. There is no maximum age limit to apply for PAN card.

The PAN card issued for the minor does not have the photograph or signature of the minor, therefore, it cannot be used as a valid identifier

How to update your child’s PAN card, know the process

Step 1: Fill the form for the change of PAN card or new card.

Step 2: Mention the current PAN number in the application and check the photo mismatch and signature mismatch, and submit the online form.

Step 3: The form has to be printed out and signed by the applicant. Then two photos have to be submitted.

Step 4: Fill the proof of identity and address such as Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID card or bank account details with the application form.

Step 5: Pay 107 rupees through internet banking or via credit / debit card.

Step 6: The applicant will get an acknowledgment number after submitting the online form. After finalizing the application, send it to NSDL or UTISL center.

Keep these things in mind too

The status of the application can be tracked through the acknowledgment number.

If necessary, PAN information (such as change of address or name, etc.) can be changed by submitting related documents.



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