How to use Skype on an iPad to call or chat with your contacts

How to use Skype on an iPad to call or chat with your contacts

  • You can use Skype on your iPad by downloading the app and logging into your Skype account.
  • The Skype app for iPad gives you more screen space, allowing you to keep Skype open while you navigate through other tabs.
  • Here’s how to use all the features of the Skype app on your iPad.

Skype for iPad allows you to enjoy the video chat service in an app specifically designed for your Apple tablet.


Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or keeping in touch with a friend overseas, the app is easy to use, and is essentially three main tabs: Chats, Calls, and Contacts.

Though the interface looks similar to Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad allows for more screen room to do things like keep chats open while you browse.

Here’s a quick guide to Skype for iPad.

How to use the Skype for iPad app

1. Open the Skype app on your iPad. If you haven’t already, download the app from the App Store and log into your Skype account.

graphical user interface, application

2. When you first log in, you’ll be prompted to choose your theme. Continue clicking through the pop-ups with the blue “Continue” button. Other prompts will include syncing your contacts. All of these changes can be altered at a later time.

graphical user interface, application

3. Upon opening Skype for iPad, you’ll find the three main tabs at the bottom of the screen: Chats, Calls, and Contacts.

The Skype app should automatically open to the Chats tab, where you’ll see any recent chats appear.

  • This is also where you’ll find your notifications center.
  • You can also start a new message in this tab by tapping “Type a message” or searching for the contact.
  • You can also add Emojis, photos, or voice messages to your chat…Read more>>



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