How to use voice typing feature in Google Docs

How to use voice typing feature in Google Docs

Docs by Google is currently one of the most widely used online word processing services and it is one of the best alternatives for Microsoft Word as well. Google Docs offers several basic word processing features and shortcuts — which include familiar layout, universal shortcuts to execute several commands — to make things easier for the users. However, there is more than these features as Docs also comes with built-in support for Google Voice typing feature that allows users to type without using their keyboard. The feature is available in several languages such as English, Afreekans, Nepali, Marathi, Hindi etc.


Now, if you are curious about using this feature in your day-to-day life, here’s how to activate and use it.


– Check if the microphone of the device is working- Working internet connectivity

– Google Chrome browser must be installed on the PC

Steps to follow

1.Open Google Docs on the Chrome browser

2.Click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new document or users can open an existing document they have been working on.

3.Now, head to the ‘Tools’ option and choose ‘Voice typing’ from the drop-down menu

4.Docs will now start showing a microphone icon at the top-left corner which users can drag and place anywhere at the display.

5.Now, click on the microphone icon and allow the permission to use the microphone

6.Once done, click on the microphone icon and start speaking

Note:- To change the language, click on the downward facing arrow at the microphone icon and select the desired language. Also, for better voice recognition, it is recommended to use an additional microphone or any earphone that has an in-line microphone in it. It is also advisable to use this feature in a relatively quiet environment to avoid any typing errors.


Source:- gadgetsnow


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