Jio revises its Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 vouchers with double data

Jio revises its Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 vouchers with double data

Reliance Jio has revised its Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 4G data voucher to offer double the data and additional off-net minutes. The company said in a release, that this has been done to encourage employees to work from home and with this revision, users will have uninterrupted, abundant and affordable data to meet their connectivity needs.


Under its Rs 11 4G data voucher, the company provides consumers with 800MB of high-speed 4G data along with an additional 75 minutes for non-Jio calls. With its Rs 21 pack, the company is now offering 2GB of revised high-speed 4G data along with 200 additional off-net calling minutes.

The Rs 51 4G data voucher now provides consumers with 6GB of high-speed data and 500 off-net calling minutes. Lastly, the Rs 101 plan now provides users with 12GB of high speed data along with 1,000 off-net minutes.

The plan validities will remain the same as the base plan you have activated for your number. If you were to use up all of the FUP data, the services will continue but at lower speeds of up to 64kbps. Unused data or FUP minutes will expire alongside your base plan.

Keep in mind, FUP voice minutes and data will first be deducted from your base plan. Once that is exhausted, Jio will start deducting balance from your 4G data voucher. In case of non-Jio voice calls, the company states that if you were to exhaust both your base plan and 4G data voucher minutes, it will then start charging a fee of six paise per minute from your monetary balance.

You will be required to have an active base plan to get a 4G Data Voucher. And if you were to get a 4G Data Voucher, it will show up in your MyJio account, but can only be activated after you get a base plan.




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