Know Your PF Balance by Giving a Missed Call Through SMS

Know Your PF Balance by Giving a Missed Call Through SMS

According to the rules while doing the job, every employee and company has to deposit the amount of PF with the EPFO. Every month the salaries from salaries take most of the employees after retirement. But, while changing jobs or transfer money to PF, people do not know how much money is in their account. It is very easy to know the amount of your PF while working or after. there are many ways. One way is the Miss Call. For this the EPFO ​​has issued the number. Apart from this, PF funds can also be detected online or by SMS.


Such checks EPF Balance and Passbook Online
1-EPFO has given facility to check EPF balance on their official website. The e-passbook link will be found in the upper right part of the website.
2-After this, the person has to enter the UAN number and his password.
3-After entering the UAN number and password on the website, you will have to click the view passbook button and you will know the balance there.

Apart from this, thebalance check can be made from theAPFO’s app. For this, first click on the member and then enter the UAN number and password.

Find out from the Miss Call PF Balance,
which is to know about your PF balance, it can also find out by making a Miss Call. EPFO has said that the registered mobile number will have to make a missed call at 011-22901406. After this the message will tell you how much the balance of PF is in your account.

You get a message immediately after the missed call. This message comes from AM-EPFOHO. This message is sent by the EPFO. This message contains all the information about your account, along with some other details like: Member ID, PF Number, Name, Date of Birth, EPF Balance, Final Contribution

If your company is a private trust, you will not get balance details. You have to contact your company for it.

Why do you like missed calls?
The method of missed calls is preferred by everyone because it is the best method to know the EPF balance. This is far better than any mobile app and SMS service. There is no need for a smart phone for this. You can not give Miss Call to any phone or any app. Making a Miss Call is easier than messaging. You do not even need to pay money for this.

There is a fixed amount
for depositing money infixed amountPF. Employees and the company have to pay 12 per cent of basic salary and DA (if any) every month. 8.33% of the 12 percent goes to the EPF Kitty. At the same time, 3.67 percent of the deposit is deposited in the EPF.


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