Latest WhatsApp beta Android brings password recovery for encrypted chat backups

Latest WhatsApp beta Android brings password recovery for encrypted chat backups

WhatsApp sparked a controversy in the world with its new terms and conditions that are unfriendly to some of its users and applied after May 15. However, What’s has announced that no accounts will be deleted if a user refrains from agreeing on these terms but some features will be barred from their accounts.

But a recent study shows that despite all of these up and downs, WhatsApp users and its popularity is still on the rise and reaching 172 million downloads even in this situation during the first month of the year.

So why is WhatsApp so popular in terms of messaging on mobile platforms? Because its developers keep jot down new ideas and bring them as a feature under the beta testing app.

In the past, WhatsApp has received quite new features through the beta channel and the story continues with the latest version of the WhatsApp beta app.

WhatsApp beta for Android devices introduced an end-to-end encrypted backup feature. This new feature is under development but it’s available for the beta testers and protects your chat backup from unauthorized access while on Google Drive.

On the Chatbackup screen, you can either change the password or turn off this feature.

Now to provide more convenience to the users, WhatsApp has started testing WhatsApp beta app version on Android devices. This version brings a process to restore the password and to view your 64-digit encryption key. (reports WABetaInfo)

This new feature will help users to get access to their backup, which is lost or forgotten, which is quite good.

But this is not it, because, WhatsApp is also adding new color for the profile icons when a contact has no profile picture or a group icon.

Below you can check the icons and the change in color that’s under testing with the latest WhatsApp Beta. ReadMore

Source : huaweicentral


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