Microsoft pulls the plug on voice assistant Cortana on these devices: Everything to know

Microsoft pulls the plug on voice assistant Cortana on these devices: Everything to know

Users of Microsoft’s Cortana application must take note that the application has stopped functioning as the company discontinued its operations on Android and iOS. The company had previously announced that the app will stop functioning on the Android as well as iPhone devices from March 31. Since the application has stopped functioning, the information of all users like lists, reminders will not be accessible on the application. However, Microsoft has said that its voice assistant application feature will continue its operations on Windows 10 devices. and information of users can be retrieved back using the voice assistant application.

While announcing its decision to shut the operations of Cortana application last year in July 2020, the company had said that it wanted to strengthen the focus of the AI voice assistant to the Microsoft 365 services. Other voice assistant features available in the market are those of Google and Apple. While a majority of the Android users rely on Google voice assistant feature called Google Assistant, users of iPhone devices rely on Apple Siri.

The Cortana app while it was operating was facing stiff competition not only from Google Assistant as well as Apple’s Siri but also by Amazon’s Alexa as well. In the wake of poor response from the users towards its voice assistant feature, Microsoft was for long speculated to be thinking of closing down its operations and the company did so in July last year. The Cortana application was launched in the year 2018 by the company and from its very launch, the app could not muster enough user base either on Mobile devices or on the Windows 10 devices.



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