Mutant coronavirus strain: All you need to know about the new variant

Mutant coronavirus strain: All you need to know about the new variant

The new coronavirus strain

Just as the world was set to welcome the New Year, the information about a new coronavirus strain being identified in the United Kingdom (UK) has created an air of panic and worry all around the globe. Even as vaccine development and distribution drives are being conducted in the world, this new mutant variant of the virus has alarmed the experts as well as the government authorities, leading to the imposition of renewed restrictions in various countries. Reuters photos

All about the new strain

The new COVID variant of the SARS-COV-2 virus has been termed as VUI–202012/01, and is said to be 70 per cent more contagious than the already existing one. In London and other parts of the UK, the infection has been spreading like wildfire once again, forcing the authorities to declare a complete lockdown with stricter norms and restrictions. Reuters photos

The initial cases

The first confirmed cases of the new strain of the virus were identified around mid-December this year in the UK, post which, the authorities announced that it was ‘out of control’. However, experts believe that the virus had been around in the region from September itself, but it could not be spotted as ‘there were no large-scale infections’. Reportedly, around 60 per cent of the patients in the UK have now been infected with the new variant. Photo: AFP

Countries that have reported cases of the new variant

Infections related to the new COVID-19 strain are, at present, heavily concentrated in the UK, resulting in several countries to temporarily suspend the arrival of citizens from the region. A number of cases have also been reported in South Africa, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Italy, while France recently suspected that the new variant might have entered the Western European country as well. Photo: AFP…Read more>>



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