My Jio App to get JioCinema, JioCloud and JioTV via the Jio mini apps feature

My Jio App to get JioCinema, JioCloud and JioTV via the Jio mini apps feature

Reliance Jio has now integrated popular apps like JioCinema, JioCloud and JioTV into My Jio app through a new feature called ‘Jio mini apps’. This mini apps features facilitates the integration of Jio apps into the main My Jio app on your device.


Since the new apps are all integrated into the MyJio app users can access them from the main MyJio app itself and there is no need to download them separately. All these newly integrated apps will be present on top of the home screen on MyJio.

With this feature, Reliance Jio seems to be taking a page out of Airtel’s book. Bharti Airtel customers can watch the Airtel Xstream app through the Airtel Thanks app. Besides JioCinema, JioCloud and JioTV, other apps like JioEngage can now be accessed through the My Jio app.

This of course makes it easier to use and brings all the apps under one roof, but this particular feature of integrating all other user apps under one main frame is particularly helpful for those people who have limited storage on their smartphones.

Since you do not need to download these apps separately, you end up saving a good of space.

However, it seems that these Jio Mini Apps only offer basic functionality and for the user to access all the features you might still need to download the app individually from the Play Store or the App Store.

Relaince Jio’s Jio Payment bank service, once launched should also be included in the My Jio suite of apps.

Source:- hindustantimes


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