New Gmail gets useful shortcuts, lets users download messages as well

New Gmail gets useful shortcuts, lets users download messages as well

Last April, Google introduced major changes to Gmail. The tech giant not only upgraded the design of the service but it also introduced a host of new features like smart compose and nudge among others to Gmail. And now, almost a year later, the company is introducing more changes to its email service. As a part of the update, Google is bringing the Undo and Redo shortcuts directly into the compose window.


The Undo and Redo shortcuts are now added to the taskbar of the compose window. Google has added the shortcuts to the very beginning of the taskbar, preceding the font type and font size options. The positioning of these buttons makes sense as the Undo and Redo are two of the few functionalities that Gmail users need the most while typing email copies.

The Undo button will, as usual, restore the content before the change was made while the Redo button will reverse the changes. These shortcuts are particularly beneficial for those who don’t like the keyboard shortcuts and prefer mouse shortcuts too for doing the operations. Apart from the Undo and Redo buttons, another addition to the taskbar is the new Strikethrough button.

Google says that Strikethrough is a visual cue that something has been completed or can be used as an edit suggestion. “We’ve heard from you that this functionality is critical to quickly and efficiently write emails, especially when you want to visually indicate a change in language,” says Google in one of its blog posts.

Additionally, if you prefer downloading your Gmail clients for offline use with all formatting and multimedia files, Google has now added the option to download messages in the EML format. The EML format is recognised by other email clients. This allows you to view the Gmail content along with attachments within these clients. In addition, Google says with this functionality users can now add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails.

The new features will be switched on by default for all Gmail users. Google has begun the rollout for all GSuite users. If you aren’t seeing the changes yet, Google has started the rollout since January 22 and will make it available globally within a period of 3-4 days.

However, do note that these features are reserved for the web client of Gmail. For the Gmail app on Android and iOS, Google’s hasn’t made these additions available yet.


Source:- indiatoday


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