Now Mute Your Whatsapp Contacts, Groups Forever With This New Feature: Who Can Use This?

Now Mute Your Whatsapp Contacts, Groups Forever With This New Feature: Who Can Use This?

Last month, we’d informed you about the then latest new feature which was under works and available to the beta version, called the ‘Vacation Mode’.

As per this update, you could ignore your ‘Archived Chats’, by keeping it stacked up at the bottom of your screen, even if a new message pops from that sender.

Now, in a similar move, Whatsapp has released a new feature as per which users of the instant messaging app can mute groups or personal contacts forever.

Let’s learn more about this.

Whatsapp Beta Version of ‘Mute’ Forever

As tipped in by reliable tipster WAbetainfo, Whatsapp has now released a feature wherein users can mute a group/contact forever.

Currently, you can only do so for 8 hours, one day or one year.

However, according to the tip, the platform has now added a new option called the Mute Always.

Although the feature is only yet available on beta version on Android, we can expect the messaging app to soon roll-out this feature to all of its users.

More on ‘Mute Always’ Feature

We’d like to highlight that ‘Mute’ option is one of the most used feature of Whatsapp.

You can block notifications from a group or contact without them being alerted about the same.

With enabling Mute Always, you would be able to block notification from users forever rather than a particular time frame.

Whatsapp Ensures Total Privacy

Right after certain Whatsapp messages got leaked over the popular Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise, a string of accusations bombarded on privacy promised by Whatsapp.

In response to this, the application stated,

“WhatsApp protects your messages with end-to-end encryption so that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody in between can access it, not even WhatsApp”.



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