Ola Coupons & Offers May 2019: Discount on Daily, Rental & Outstation Rides

Ola Coupons & Offers May 2019: Discount on Daily, Rental & Outstation Rides

For today, Ola coupons & offers have sorted our travel hassle. Over the years, Ola, as one of the finest cab aggregators in India, has found a place in our daily lives and mind.


The first thing that comes to our mind when we are running late or planning an outstation road trip, is hiring an Ola cab. Without a doubt, an efficient cab aggregator as Ola has presented a convenient solution with its presence.

Gone are the days when we would have to run from one corner to another to find a taxi or an auto rickshaw. To boot, we have surpassed those days when we would book Volvo tickets or hire a private taxi for an outstation trip.

With the commencement of facilities such as Ola rentals, Ola outstation rides, and Ola share for day-to-day commuting, we’ve gotten used to traveling comfortably.

While without a doubt Ola has made everyone’s lives easier, but with Ola discount coupons and offers for cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, travelers can benefit all the more by saving on their commuting cost.

So, whether you are getting late for a meeting, or wish to skip the rush in the local trains, Ola is going to come to your rescue. Thank god for the added offers and deals that has made traveling easy, convenient, and pocket-friendly. What else do you need?

But before we move on to find what these offers are, first let’ check out some more information about the leading cab aggregator and the features of each service. So without prolonging further, let’s check out the details of different rides and the features attached to it. Book your ride accordingly!

What does Ola cab service cover?

Ola is a recognized ride-sharing alternative to conventional taxi cabs. Ola works on a location-based app which is a mediator between the rider and the driver.

Ola eliminates the need of a hailing a cab after an exhausting search. Through Ola cab app, a rider can request for a cab from the preferred location to the desirable destination.

For booking an Ola cab, one needs to install the Ola cab App from the playstore for android and iOS users or can book a ride through Ola’s website. Their service accepts both cash and cashless payments via Ola money.

What does Ola daily rides mean?

Ola’s city taxis are perfect to suit your everyday travel needs. The city taxis are available 24X7 and you can book a ride at any time of the day.

While the lowest fare for these cabs start from as low as Rs. 6/km, there’s a wide range of options to choose from.

In order to travel with the lowest fares, you can opt for Ola share. To travel independently with small fares or short rides, there’s a fleet of Ola Micro cabs. To boot, for daily commuting purpose with an economical alternative, Ola Mini is the right fit.

What is Ola Rental?

Ola rental cabs enable riders to rent a car on hourly basis as an alternative to point-to-point pickup and drop.

By booking an Ola rental, you can have a car at your disposal. Be it for an hour or the entire day – the packages offer flexibility of up to 12 hours and a minimum of 1 hour.

When you book an Ola rental cab, you not only get to travel comfortably in an AC cab, but also get added advantages such as flexibility of halting at multiple locations, heading to different destinations without having to book another cab, and the facility of extending the package by paying additional charges on per hour basis. However, Ola rentals can be used only for “within the city” travels within the predetermined city limits.

What is Ola Outstation?

With Ola’s outstation cab service, you can travel out of town at economical one-way and round-trip fares.

You can book an Ola outstation cab in advance, as much as 7 days prior. You can choose from the range of cabs such as hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, or luxury vehicles, as per your requirement.

You can enter the number of days for which you require the cab; the duration can be between 1–10 days. After booking a cab, you can expect your ride within 2 hours.

What is Ola Prime?

Ola prime is designed to offer a superior and a flawless travel experience. For the same, Ola has hand-picked a range of cars that consist of sedans and MUVs.

To deliver Ola Prime service, the most experienced driver-partners are selected and specially trained. While riding with Ola Prime, you not only experience the finest rides, but can enjoy surfing, listening to music, or reading online news with free access to in-cab Wi-Fi service.

Which are the Ola Prime cars?

Considering Prime is apremium offering of Ola, the Prime fleet consists of cars like Altis, Honda Civic, Toyota Innova, and Skoda Rapid.

What is Ola Prime Play?

Ola Prime Play has transformed the way one travels. Ola Prime Play defies the conventional travel norms and focuses on delivering a comfortable and entertaining travel experience.

With a range of in-cab features such as free Wi-Fi, advanced car controls, a connected interactive experience, and personalized content – one can have the perfectly entertaining ride back home.

What is Ola Share?

Ola Share enables you to save on your travel expense by sharing your ride with other riders travelling on the same route. The aim of Ola Share is to reduce traffic congestion by having limited cars on the road, lower CO2 emission, and lesser traffic.

What is Ola Luxury?

Ola Lux, an alternative service to travelling luxuriously, involves only high-end luxury cars such as Fortuner, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Toyota Camry, and Mercedes. Ola Lux functions at a minimum fare rate of Rs. 200 for 5 km with ride time charge of Rs. 2 per minute on every ride.

What is Ola base fare?

Ola’s Micro cabs charge Rs. 7 per km up to 30 kms, and Rs. 14 per km after crossing 30 kms.

Similarly, for Ola Mini cabs, the base fare is Rs. 8 per km up to 30 kms, and Rs. 15 per km after crossing 30 kms. For Prime Sedan, the base rate is Rs. 10 km up to 30 kms, and Rs. 16 per km after crossing 30 kms.

How to Book an Ola Cab?

To book an Ola cab, all you need to do is to login to your Ola cabs account and share the preferable service. Following this, you need to insert your pickup and drop locations and click on ‘Ride Now.’ While booking your cab, you also need to choose the payment mode. You can either pay through your Ola wallet or cash upon arrival.

What are the Payment Options for Ola cabs?

The different payment modes available on Ola are –
a. Cash
b. Credit/ Debit card
c. Ola Money
d. Net Banking
e. Other Wallet (Paytm, Jio Money, GooglePay, etc.)

Now that you have a clarity on the different services available with Ola, you can book your cab at any point of the day. Whether you want to go for a meeting or a late night party, whether the location is far off or somewhere nearby, Ola has got you covered. But that’s not it; we haven’t yet had a look at the offers and coupons. Let’s check it out below –

Ola Coupon Codes & Offers you cannot afford to Miss in 2019!

Ride Coupon Code Offer
Daily 40FLAT Flat Rs 40 Discount
Rental RENT100 Rs 100 Discount
Outstation RIDE250 15% Discount

Who doesn’t like offers – whether on shopping, movie tickets, flight tickets, food, or on something as unexpected as Ola cabs. We all constantly travel from one corner of the city to another – be it for meetings, parties, or a normal work commute. Undeniably, the need for traveling fast and safely is one of our primary needs. That’s when we can ditch the idea of traveling by a local transport and opt to ride in an Ola.

What better if you are going to get to travel at discounted rates? Nothing like it, right? But for that, you must be aware of the different offers and coupon codes needed to avail them. Let’s check out what they are –

1. Watch out for Ola Daily Rides Discount Offer

Under Ola daily rides discount offer, you have a chance to get Rs. 40 discount on any three Ola Micro, Ola Mini, or Ola Prime rides. This offer is valid on the rides booked through Ola app or the website.

Whether to avail this offer on Ola Micro, Mini, or Prime rides is your choice, but there’s no way you should miss this chance. So, if you are a regular commuter and if you happen to use Ola cab services, then you must make use of this offer.

Those who are not regular users of Ola cab services, its high time you start commuting by Ola. And for those of you who have never traveled by Ola, you must begin traveling now……Read more>>


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