OYO will now have bikes and cars for rent at their hotels

OYO will now have bikes and cars for rent at their hotels

OYO Home and Hotels is partnering with Drivezy to station 100,000 bikes and cars at their hotels in the next three years.

The partnership will kick off with 1,200 bikes OYO outlets in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Travellers can book bikes either by the hour, or on a daily basis.

Drivezy, an Indian start up, was founded back in 2015. It offers cars, motorbikes and scooters on rent across 11 cities in India across 100 locations.

Currently, it manages 4,000 cars and 14,000 bikes. The company claims to be the fastest growing vehicle sharing platform, and the largest two-wheeler sharing service in the country.

Drivezy has plans to grow even further. The company signed an agreed with Harbourfront Capital for $100 million to bring more assets on-board. So far this year, it added 12,000 vehicles to its fleet.

Leave it where you want

Drivezy is currently working on a feature that will allow travellers to pick up and leave their vehicles anywhere they want — as long as they’re within the city limits.

This ‘free floating’ model comes with a significant catch. Drivezy needs to find a way to ensure its vehicles aren’t vandalised or damaged, after being dropped off.

“To counter this, we are establishing a dense network of parking spaces in all operational cities and our association with OYO is a step in that direction,” said Ashwarya Singh, CEO of Drivezy.

Drivezy’s also using technology like keyless IoT locks and unlocking using QR codes to safeguard their vehicles.


Source:- businessinsider


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