Parents living out of home town? Here’s how to submit life certificate online for pension

Parents living out of home town? Here’s how to submit life certificate online for pension

Every year in the month of November, pensioners across India need to submit a life certificate that basically proves that they are still alive and eligible to claim pension from different government bodies. To submit this life certificate, pensioners need to visit the bank or other designated pension disbursing branches physically. This often becomes a problem for many pensioners who happen to stay away with their children in another city. So, to continue to avail pension, most pensioners travel back to their home town during November to just get this done.


Apart from the hassles and cost of traveling, the idea of physically being present at the bank branch may not be an easy job for many senior citizens due to health issues. Keeping these things in mind, the government had made a provision back in 2014, to allow pensioners to submit life certificate online. While this service has been there for quite some time now, very few pensioners seem to be aware about it. Here is the entire process of submitting life certificate online without visiting the bank branch. For those unaware, note that the online process is preferred by the government and the bank branch too.

1) You will need to find the nearest CSC or designated Jeevan Pramaan centre in the city you are staying. To do so, you can visit and click on ‘Locate a Centre’. Alternatively, you can send a text message to know about the centre. Type “JPL” with your pincode to 7738299899. “For example, JPL 110003 and send it to 7738299899.”

2) After knowing the nearest CSC centre, you will have to visit the centre with the aadhaar card of the pensioner, PPO file or PPO file number and pension account pass book of the bank. According to the Jeevan Pramaan website, the required information are Aadhaar Number, Name, Mobile Number, PPO Number, Pension Account number, Bank details, Name of Pension Sanctioning Authority, Pension Disbursing Authority, etc.

3) On visiting the CSC centre, the pensioner needs to provide the aadhaar number along with the PPO number and other personal details to the operator who will input these information on the JeevanPramaan Application.

4) To authenticate and generate the life certificate, the pensioner will have to scan his/her fingerprint and opt for a retina scan. This is a standard aadhaar-based biometric authentication.

5) After the biometric authentication is completed, the pensioner will then get a Pramaan ID from the JeevanPramaan system. This ID is the digital life certificate of the pensioner.

6) The Pramaan ID is also sent to registered phone number via SMS. No further action is required from the pensioner’s end. This ID will be automatically sent to your pension issuing authority and the life certificate verification process will be completed.

In case you wish to download a copy of the digital life certificate, you can use the Praman ID that is generated at the centre to download it by visiting–

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