Petrol, diesel prices hiked by more than Rs 6 in 11 days. Check today’s rates in cities

Petrol, diesel prices hiked by more than Rs 6 in 11 days. Check today’s rates in cities

New Delhi: State-controlled oil marketing companies (OMCs) have increased local prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi by Rs 6 and Rs 6.40, respectively in the past 11 days. It is worth mentioning here that since June 7, OMCs have resumed daily price revisions after an 82-day pause.


The pump price of petrol was increased by 55 paise a litre on Wednesday (June 17) while that of diesel by 60 paise per litre across major cities of the country.

A litre of petrol in Delhi was hiked to Rs 77.28 from Rs 76.33 till Tuesday, while diesel rates were increased to Rs 75.79 from Rs 75.19, as per latest data from Indian Oil Corporation website.

Motorists in Mumbai have to shell out Rs 84.15 for a litre of petrol after a 53 paise rise over Monday’s rate. A litre of diesel costs Rs 74.32, 57 paise more than yesterday’s price of Rs 73.75 a litre. In Kolkata, the retail price of petrol price was hiked by 53 paise to Rs 79.08 a litre, from Rs 78.55 recorded on Monday. Diesel costs Rs 71.38 a litre, 54 paise more than Monday’s rate.

Similarly, in Chennai, the retail prices of petrol and diesel are Rs 80.66 (49 paise more) a litre and Rs 73.69 (52 paise increase) a litre respectively. The rates of the two auto fuels differ from state to state due to different local taxes and VAT imposed.

In the first half of June, fuel demand has improved considerably because factories, offices and shops started reopening and more vehicles came on the road with the easing of the restrictions.

The sales of petrol dropped an annual 18 per cent in the first 15 days of June, improving from a bigger shrinkage of 35.4 per cent in May. Demand for diesel declined 15 per cent in the first fortnight of June. The decline was 29.5 per cent in May, according to a report in ET.



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